Following Christ (DVD and Workbook)

Get the printed version and a DVD for this study.  As a special bonus, you get the online course for free!

The heart of Knowing Him is to provide you with an accelerated means of coming to know Jesus Christ more intimately, follow Him more fully, and lead others into that same kind of intimate relationship with Christ.   Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, I know them and they follow Me."  (John 10:27)

Discovering the unlimited power and joy of knowing Christ intimately begins when you meditate on His words and respond by doing what He says!  Following Christ is a twelve week experience exposing you to the heart of Christ, His love for the Father, and what He wants most from those who desire to call themselves His disciples.  Each week you get a powerful video introduction from Steven K Scott that will help you dive deeper in to the words of Christ.  Following the video you are guided through thoughtful questions designed to encourage a more meaningful understanding of how to apply Christ’s words to your life and relationships.

Your twelve week journey on Following Christ:

  1. The unique role and power of Jesus words
  2. Loving the Father and the Son
  3. Prayer - intimacy, answers, and power
  4. Faith - transforming and miraculous
  5. Missions of a Christian
  6. What Jesus said about anxiety, worry, and fear
  7. God’s love, grace, and mercy
  8. Forgiveness - the proof of our new birth
  9. Love - infinite capacity, never ending flow
  10. Resolving anger and conflict
  11. The promises of Jesus
  12. Spiritual priorities - achieving God’s goals

Following Christ (DVD and Workbook)

Comes with a DVD and workbook. You also get the online course for free! (Price includes shipping.)

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